I have always been curious about sensory deprivation ever since reading about it. Something about floating just seems super cool to me. When I found out about Be Still, I didn’t hesitate to schedule an appointment. Unsure of what to expect naturally I was nervous; I can assure you this was all for nothing. I’ve now floated twice and I will be making this a habitual affair for my mental sanity. First off, the Studio is in a great location and easy to find. The staff is More than awesome and very accommodating. Be Still Float provides a very relaxing atmosphere to escape the forever stress of societal life and spend some time on the very vessels responsible for getting us through it; our mind and body connecting back to the soul. All you have to do is Be Still Float, the mind does the rest. I highly recommend the sound table therapy, It will have you leaving the place ready to solve world problems. – C.L.

I don’t know where to begin about my experience at Be Still.. as an avid floater I was super excited to see their new cabins and the overall layout of the place. The details and work put into creating this amazing environment is obvious the moment you lay your eyes on the building with a cool white exterior and simple blue touches. The lobby is matched to the outside theme and welcomes you immediately. Having the bonus space outside of the front door is such a unique touch! After a simple first time registration I was left through the large door into a hallway and corridor with much darker colors providing an amazing atmosphere that’s immediately relaxing. Generally you are led to a brief massage chair prior to your float; I explained my health prevents chair massages (my autoimmune disease thinks I’m being attacked and I swell up). Since I was unable to massage the attendant took me into the sound therapy room and allowed me a brief session in there before my float. I was given an eye mask, took my shoes off, laid on the softest table (think massage size), had a weighted pillow placed on my front side and wore headphones. It was SO relaxing!!! The gentle sounds took me right to a relaxed state and really increased my overall experience. At the end of the sound station the attendant was there to guide me to my float room. She walked through the instructions with me covering the basics like showering beforehand, making sure that I had no product in my hair and such before my float, how to use the different buttons in my cabin and to shower afterwards as well. Then I was left to float which I had not done in almost 2 months which is a VERY long time for me. My float was one of my best ever. I LOVED the starry sky and used it about half of my float, staying in the dark the other half. I use float therapy for relief to my body as well as my mental wellbeing, creative thoughts and more. It’s not just a spa like experience to me but medication for my body, mind and soul. After my float I showered off, walked out into the beautiful waiting area immediately outside of the rooms. There are seats to relax, a drink station, beautiful lights and other visuals that allow you to relax a bit before heading back out into the hectic world we live in. If you need additional time to get ready afterwards there is a prep room as well loaded with a hair dryer and essentials (even deodorant). There are several other services available and I encourage anyone in the area to check this place out, I know I will again! – K.K.

Truth be told I am a very high energy person, who has serious trouble “shutting down” my ever constant, creative thoughts, ideas, and ” what’s next?” mentality . When I am involved in a project it becomes all consuming. After just one session at BE STILL-FLOAT STUDIO ( during a VERY stressful project) I was able to totally recharge,relax, and take a very needed step back .  I felt like my inner peace was reset giving me an even better perspective on my current project. I am a true believer in BE STILL-FLOAT STUDIO. Another added plus was , that evening I had my first uninterrupted sleep that I have had in a very long time. THANK YOU BE STILL-FLOAT STUDIO!!!!! – M.F.