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You Have Control of Your Relaxation Experience.


Empowerment is integral to the Be Still Float Studio experience, which is why our guests remain in control of their relaxation sessions from beginning to end. We welcome our guests to discover the restorative benefits of our relaxation services.

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Our Story

I was an unintentional stay at home mom looking to start a new business…Be Still Float Studio was born. I have spent over a decade cultivating and implementing a peaceful and mindful home, why not take it to the next level and do the same for my community? I’ve assembled a team of like-minded members passionate about bringing the therapeutic practice of floating to you. When your mind, body and senses are given the gift of stillness, amazing things happen. At Be Still Float Studio, one can relax deeply to live fully.

  1. We are passionate about providing you a unique and safe experience.
  2. We are obsessed about providing you the highest level of service.
  3. We are a Floataway Center of Excellence.

We Invite You to Calm the Chaos

“Floating has been one of the most unique experiences in my life. I’ve never experienced such instant gratification associated with relaxation. Floating is truly a complete centering for the mind, body and spirit. For anyone who hasn’t tried floating Be Still Float Studio is a MUST try.”


“So excited for this studio to open! The space is planned to the very last detail to ensure those who enter feel comfortable and relaxed. If you’ve never floated before, this is the place to try it out!”


“The anticipation for Be Still Float Studio to open is so exciting! They have the latest technology going into this studio and the float pools. The pools are spacious, clean and set up for the ultimate relaxation experience! Not only is the equipment top notch at Be Still Float Studio but so are all the people involved in run it and making sure your float is the best you will ever have.”

– B.B.

I had the most magical experience at Be Still Float from the moment I entered the place. The staff is knowledgeable and super friendly. The facility is very well designed. A 60 minutes floating is truly therapeutic. I felt absolutely relaxed. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Thank you!

Such an amazing experience! Especially being pregnant, it was nice to get the some relief on my body. The ambiance and the whole atmosphere is peaceful and calming. I can’t wait for my next float.

Such an amazing experience! Especially being pregnant, it was nice to get the some relief on my body. The ambiance and the whole atmosphere is peaceful and calming. I can’t wait for my next float.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Be Still Float! Every single detail has been thought of to provide the ultimate experience of relaxation and reprieve from the outside world.  Georgina is incredibly knowledgeable and gracious. And her space is sparkling clean, calming, and beautiful. I have floated here three times, and my husband and I purchased the charter membership so we can float on a regular basis. The physical and mental benefits are too numerous not to. I love that they have two options for float rooms. These are not pods. They are open rooms with showers in each room. I have also experienced the massage chair and the sound table – both are equally relaxing and wonderful. I give this business 5++++ stars!

This is absolutely the most amazing experience you will ever have. Being completely weightless feeling, off your feet, without any distractions of the world around you is the most phenomenal relaxation that you will ever have and I’m a massage therapist so I know relaxation. Hands down one of my favorite self care modalities!

What an incredible time. This place is so relaxing and just what I needed.
I highly recommend you give it a try, rather it is your first time floating, or you are old hat at it. the have very unique float rooms.

This is something you have to try!!! I have never experienced anything like it before. Chair massage and weightlessness in an Epsom salt pool! simply amazing!!!

This was absolutely AMAZING!!! The weight I carry on a daily, I didn’t have anymore after this. My body n mind were so relaxed even afterwards. I’m still in my zen this morning, not even 24hrs later. Can’t wait to do this again.


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