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1111, 2023

Embracing Serenity: National Stress Awareness Day and the Path to Personal Wellness Through Holistic Practices

November 11, 2023|

Introduction: Understanding Our Relationship with Stress As National Stress Awareness Day casts a spotlight on the universal yet personal experiences of stress, it invites us into a profound understanding and dialogue with our internal ecosystems. [...]

1011, 2023

A Haven of Healing: Jacksonville’s Be Still Float Studio Uplifts Veterans with Transformative Wellness Practices

November 10, 2023|

  In the bustling rhythm of Jacksonville, Florida, there lies a sanctuary of quietude and restoration - the Be Still Float Studio. Renowned for its tranquil atmosphere, this serene oasis has become a cornerstone of [...]

1010, 2023

The Magnesium Miracle: Elevate Your Wellness at Be Still Float Studio

October 10, 2023|

Magnesium, often overshadowed by other minerals, plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal health and wellness. It is a powerhouse, offering countless benefits for both mental health and muscle recovery. At Be Still Float [...]

2909, 2023

Elevating Athletic Performance: The Unparalleled Power of Float Therapy at Be Still Float Studio

September 29, 2023|

In the thriving neighborhood of Riverside, a holistic renaissance in sports recovery and wellness is unfolding at Be Still Float Studio. This innovative center, with its unparalleled expertise and commitment to holistic wellness, is [...]

1205, 2023

Mental Health Awareness Month: Five Things to Do this Month to Support Your Mental Health

May 12, 2023|

As with all areas of the Sunshine State, the quality of life in Jacksonville, Florida, is typically thought of as being less stressful due to the abundant sunshine and ready access to beautiful beaches. However, [...]

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