Be Still Float

Our Specials

Our Specials

Together in Tranquility: Holiday Couples Float Special


Couples float Save $49

Tranquility Trio: Personal Float Journey


3 FLOATS FOR $207, ($69 EACH) Save $57

Quartet of Calm


4 FLOATS FOR $256, ($64 EACH) Save $96

Corporate Harmony Bundle


5 FLOATS FOR $295, ($59 EACH) Save $145

Serenity Six-Pack: Personal Float Series


6 FLOATS FOR $324 ($54 EACH) Save $204

Year of Zen: Monthly Float Odyssey


12 FLOATS FOR $600 ($50 EACH) Save $456

Emsella intro session at Be Still Float - Float Therapy Jacksonville, Florida



EMSELLA has a proven ability to strengthen the pelvic muscles, which can also enable patients to reach orgasm more easily, experience stronger orgasms and have an increased sensation, which leads to a positive effect on sexual well-being and intimate relationships.

This Emsella intro session includes

  • Emsella Consultation
  • 1 Emsella Session
  • *only available for new customers
Be Still Float - Float Therapy Jacksonville, Florida

12 hours of exercise in under 30 minutes with Emsella

Real-life changing results

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Based on 467 reviews
Samantha Kinas
Samantha Kinas
This was a really cool experience! I would do it regularly for sure!
Untrevas Williams
Untrevas Williams
So relaxing. Great for pregnant women and tired husbands lol. Helped my 8 month pregnant wife sleep much better.
April Kimberly
April Kimberly
gillian theis
gillian theis
I highly recommend BSFS. The staff is so friendly and helpful, the environment is beautiful and peaceful and the treatments are very effective. I had a great outcome using the Emsella Chair and plan to continue the treatment as maintenance. BSFS makes it easy to set up an introductory appt to try out the chair. While there a trained staff member will explain how the Emsella Chair works and what benefits to expect. I bought a package and went through the full series of treatments and it was nothing but positive for me. If you have been curious about the Emsella Chair, contact BSFS and see for yourself how effective it is.
Nikita Copeland
Nikita Copeland
We did a couples 60 min float for my husband's birthday. I kind of feel like it was a present for me too. Very zen, very relaxing, clean and just overall incredible. The atmosphere is peaceful and comforting. The float tank was beautiful. Water temp was perfect and the employees were very sweet amd considerate. Will most definitely come again.10/10 totally reccomend!!!