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Embark on a journey of tranquility and rejuvenation with our exclusive memberships designed to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Our Calm Collective offers three distinct tiers to cater to your wellness needs, ensuring an oasis of calm in the bustling rhythm of life.

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Serenity Circle

Your Path to Peaceful Sharing


per month

Our top seller, the Serenity Circle, is perfect for those who wish to balance personal rejuvenation with shared wellness experiences. Offering:
  • 4 Credits per Month: Customize your relaxation routine with versatile credits.
  • Flexibility: Unused credits roll over, ensuring you never lose out on tranquility.
  • Shareable: Bring a friend along and share the gift of relaxation.

Most Popular

Calm Elite Membership

The Quintessence of Serenity


per month

Dive into the ultimate relaxation experience with our most prestigious membership. The Calm Elite is designed for those who seek daily retreats into stillness and comfort. Limited in availability to maintain exclusivity and provide the best value, this membership offers:
Unlimited Access (One session per day) to:
  • Float Sessions: Immerse yourself in our serene float tanks, a haven of peace.
  • Infrared Sauna Sessions: Detoxify and relax in the gentle warmth.
  • Sound Healing Sessions: Attune your body’s frequencies to harmony.
  • Brio Chair Massages: Unwind with state-of-the-art massage technology.
  • roXiva Light Sessions: Illuminate your wellness with revolutionary light therapy.

Note: Calm Elite membership is individual-centric and cannot be shared.

Stillness Society Membership

Embark on Your Serenity Journey 


per month

Begin your path to tranquility with the Stillness Society. This membership is ideal for those new to wellness practices or seeking a gentle introduction to our services.

  • 1 Credit per Month: Explore our services at your own pace.
  • Adaptability: Credits roll over, so you can relax without pressure.
  • Shareable: Experience tranquility with a friend or loved one.

Additional Membership Benefits:

  • All members enjoy exclusive discounts, enhancing your journey to calm:
    • 20% off additional services or products.
    • 10% off special events.
  • A commitment of just four months, with credits that expire 60 days post-cancellation, allowing flexibility and peace of mind.

Credits Explained:

Our versatile credit system allows you to tailor your experience to your needs:
  • 1 credit equals a sixty-minute session of floating bliss or transformative roXiva light therapy.
  • 0.5 credit offers a session in our infrared sauna, a sound healing journey, or a rejuvenating Brio Chair Massage.

* Only a 3 month commitment, then cancel any time with written notification to relax@bestillfloat.com. Credits expire 60 days after cancellation of membership.

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Based on 480 reviews
jacoby wilds
jacoby wilds
I had an AMAZING experience! Staff is very accommodating & communicative.
William Fischer
William Fischer
Awesome experience, do yourself a favor and float.
Jayson Chance
Jayson Chance
Took a few minutes to get used to floating, but then it was pretty great. This was my first visit, and I think I'll be going back for more.
Marleana Luv
Marleana Luv
This is one place that I recommend to everyone!!! When you leave u feel soooo much better and relaxed. The staff is wonderful the place is clean and it's in a perfect location. This will be my birthday gift to friends and family from now on. Thank you BE STILL FLOAT for your services!
Tommy Shinn
Tommy Shinn
What an amazing event tonight at Be Still Float Studio. Tonight I was able to enjoy The blue orchid tea ceremony followed by sound healing. Feel all the feels…. Om🧘🏽📿The studio is conveniently located in beautiful Riverside and has plenty of parking for all. The studio was absolutely amazing, inviting and peaceful. Extremely clean and experienced staff. I can’t wait to return to the studio they offer a collection of services. Be sure to check out their website for more. If you haven’t had the chance to float at Be still!! What are you waiting for?????????
isaiah johnson
isaiah johnson
I did a float therapy session and I instantly fell in love. The session helped me release the tension and anxiety built up in me.
Abigail Upshaw
Abigail Upshaw
raymond tucker
raymond tucker
The staff is very courteous and professional. Very relaxing!