In a previous blog we discussed the revolutionary treatment known as Emsella.  To quickly recap, Emsella is a chair that emits electromagnetic waves to the pelvic floor.  This strengthens the muscle and relieves incontinence, helps with sexual function and has even been used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.  In this blog and the following I will share what it is like to go through the process so you can see how easy, non-invasive and painless it is for you.

The Emsella process is done in 4 to 6 sessions, twice weekly with each session being 28 minutes in length.  The process has an average success rate of 88% – 90%.  It is painless and non-invasive as stated above and is done with your clothes on.  The only side effect is the possibility of enhanced sexual pleasure (everyone) and stamina (in the case of men).

Session One

I arrive at the float studio and relax in the lounge upon being greeted and brought back  by the staff.  I enter the room with the Emsella chair, fully clothed I might add, and take my seat in preparation.  I take a moment to position myself on the chair for maximum benefit.  You want to be receiving the pulses in the middle part of your body, where you would normally have the urge to urinate.  Then I spend 28 minutes free from the encumbrance of technology and allow the magnets to do their work.  I feel the vibrations coursing into my body, no more intense than a cell phone vibrating in your pocket.  When the time is over, I get up and walk out the door.  That is it, I just walk out ready for the day with no pain and no down time.

Session Two

The second session passes the same as the first, I read a book and wait for my time.  I am beginning to notice a difference in my body.  This is beginning to seem like a dream.  I get up, say goodbye to the staff and head out to begin my day.

Session Three

I arrive, relaxed and ready to begin the 28 minute quiet reading time.  I really cannot believe how easy this is for me.  I am beginning to not even notice the vibration, it is so comfortable.  If all exercise was this easy, I would be reading my way to perfection.

Join me next time as I finish the Emsella Journey and share the final results with you.

Be still and be well.