For those of you joining us for the first time, a note.  This is the second in a two part series.  In order for you to get anything out of the series, you should start at the beginning, part 1.  You can go directly to that blog by clicking here.  For those of you returning to enjoy the exciting end to my Emsella journey, let us get straight back.

Session Four

The first three sessions had been so easy, I was beginning to wonder if there was some catch.  How could it be so easy to fix the pelvic floor muscle without surgery and without any discomfort?  The results did not lie though, I was feeling noticeably stronger and the feeling of needing to pee was decreasing.  So I went into session four with some apprehension mixed with hope that something that seems too good to be true was in fact real.  28 minutes passed, I got up and left, the same as before.

Session Five

I really feel a difference now, I am sleeping through the night without having to pee, nor do I have to run to the bathroom at the first sign I need to go.  I continue my book and enjoy a relaxing sit while the Emsella delivers another 11,000 Kegels worth of work to my pelvic floor.  This is truly incredible.  The sessions are almost over and I am loving the results.  I also love that the ease has stayed the same throughout.  I walk in, fully clothed, do my session and walk out.  I used the ladies room and was able to stop my flow in mid stream, proof positive the sessions are working.

Session Six

This is it, the final step in the journey.  I am in awe of the results from this whole experience.  I am no longer experiencing any pee-drop accidents, I don’t even experience a phantom sensation. I also feel I am fully emptying my bladder.  I feel overall stronger and the urge to urinate has become what I consider to be an ordinary level.  I no longer stand as close to the door as possible in case I have to bolt to the ladies bathroom.  I gratefully sit on the chair for 28 minutes and am glad for the time.

When I get up to go I thank the staff and share a truly genuine, happy smile with them.  I feel so blessed for the results.  It is a small thing, yet it has made a great impact on my sense of dignity.  I will happily report there was improvement in the bedroom area without going into any details.  Thank you for taking this journey with me.

Be still and be well.