Benefits of Couples Float Therapy at Be Still in Jacksonville, Florida

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if you are someone who likes to try to think outside the box of candy to find a new and exciting gift, floating is a beautiful experience to give to yourself and share with someone you love. The gift of a couples restorative float is a unique gift that is one of the best ways to relieve stress and will be long remembered and create a memory that will be cherished.

Day-to-day life can be extremely stressful with demanding jobs, and not always getting adequate amounts of sleep takes a toll on both your emotional and physical well-being. Floating has become a popular way to unwind and relieve stress and has been clinically proven to improve your overall mental and physical health. Also referred to as sensory deprivation therapy, float therapy works by shutting out all external stimuli to place yourself in a total state of relaxation where you are free from all distractions.

Sensory tank deprivation takes place in a large float, or flotation, tank filled with high-saline Epsom salts and water solution heated to body temperature. The high salinity allows your body to float effortlessly and peacefully on the surface, simulating a zero-gravity experience. Tanks are large enough so you can stretch out completely without touching the tank. The float tank, or the room the tank is in, is totally soundproof and completely darkened. Those who have never experienced float therapy are typically surprised to learn of the many benefits it offers.

Benefits of Flotation Therapy

Having a high magnesium content, Epsom salts can help remove harmful substances like free radicals from your body. Free radicals are small oxygenated particles that are known to increase inflammation and damage your cells to the point of causing autoimmune disorders and even cancer. Magnesium also has bone and heart-health-promoting properties and can improve insulin sensitivity that lowers the risk of diabetes. Because your body is entirely relieved of all pressure points while you are floating, your blood vessels are able to fully dilate and maximize oxygen flow to your red blood cells that results in an immediate reduction in blood pressure. Following is a list of the many benefits of float-tank therapy:

 • Boost your immune system.

 • Enhanced skin and hair quality.

 • Overall body detoxification.

 • Encourages creativity.

 • Enhances athleticism.

 • Improves relaxation, mental focus, and attitude.

 • Improved sleep quality.

 • Increases learning ability.

 • Provides an escape from technology.

 • Reduces migraines.

 • Reduction in muscle tension.

 • Reduces high blood pressure.

 • Reduction in pain.

 • Lower stress and mental anxiety.

 • Sharpens sensitivity.

 • Synchronizes your brain.

Couples Float: The Ultimate Date Night

The power of a shared couples float therapy experience will create a stronger connection between partners. Visiting a float studio together will allow you to relax and connect on a spiritual and emotional level. Floating is not just one of the best ways to relieve stress, it can bring your consciousness to a new level as it causes your brain to produce the same relaxing theta waves that occur just before you drift off to sleep.

Misconceptions of Flotation Therapy

While the benefits to float therapy are many, there are also some misconceptions around flotation tank therapy.

1) Sleep Disorders

One misconception is that floating does not help alleviate sleep disorders. However, the truth is, floating for one hour has the equivalent relaxation benefit of sleeping in a bed for six hours. Floating has been shown in clinical studies to help with sleeping disorders like insomnia that are most typically the result of stress, anxiety, and depression. A seven-week flotation study showed participants had significantly less depression, anxiety, and stress after a float session. They also saw an improvement in their sleep quality and overall optimism.

2) Danger of Drowning

Another common misconception is that sleeping in a float tank is dangerous. This is completely false as the water’s extreme buoyancy, and Epsom-salt solution make it very difficult to roll over unintentionally. This means you will remain on your back even if you fall asleep.

3) Altered States

Some people are concerned about experiencing an altered state of consciousness, but this is not a cause for worry. While most people experience profound states of relaxation and an altered perception of time, no lasting altered states are associated with using a float tank. While some people mention having an out-of-body experience, people report these unexpected states to be positive. One clinical study found that participants who experienced altered states of consciousness during a float session were more prone to becoming more mindful in their day-to-day lives.‌

4) Float Tanks are Dirty

Some believe that because other people use the float tanks that the tanks are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. However, nothing could be further from the truth as the high salt concentrations inhibit the growth of most microbes and pathogens. Additionally, any reputable spa regularly cleans their tanks according to public health standards set by local and state regulatory agencies and require people to shower before a float session. As a precaution, you should lay face up so your eyes, nose, and mouth will not be in direct contact with the saltwater solution, and earplugs can be worn if desired. Additionally, you should wait for any cuts to fully heal before performing a float session. You should also not use a float tank if you have any of the following conditions:

 • Claustrophobia.

 • Contagious diseases such as gastroenteritis or diarrhea.

 • Epilepsy.

 • Kidney disease.

 • Low blood pressure.

 • Open wounds.

Preparing for Float Session

Be sure to inform the spa that you want to book a double float session where you and your partner can float together in the same tank. Do not shave within 48 hours of your float session as Epsom salts can cause stinging on freshly shaven skin. Enjoy a light meal and take a stroll through a park or somewhere romantic and relaxing. Arrive at the float studio about 20 minutes early. The staff will show you to the shower and float room. As you enter a Be Still Float float tank, you will feel the Epsom salt water lift you up like you are floating on a cloud, and you will have plenty of space to relax as our float tanks are equivalent to the size of a queen size bed.

After the Float

After you have completed your couples float session, you should take another shower to rinse the salt off of your skin. You will find all tension is completely gone from both your mind and body. Many people find they are extremely hungry after a float session, and this is a great time to share a romantic meal. The night after your float session, you will probably find you will have a better night’s sleep than you have in a while.

No matter what your previous experiences with holistic health may have been, a couples float therapy session with your partner will help you relax and bring you closer to each other. Be Still Float at 1050 Riverside Ave. in Jacksonville, Florida offers float therapy as well as a host of other noninvasive wellness treatments designed to help your body work better naturally. Give them a call at 904-593-2367 or visit them online at to book your appointment today.