When we are in pain, it can take time to feel whole again. If we do nothing, nature can take forever. At Be Still Wellness Studio, we have studied modalities used all over the world and have brought a few to our space.

MLS Laser Therapy is one of those modalities. It aids in alleviating both acute and chronic pain. This therapy has an 85% – 90% efficacy rate (success rate) in relieving pain and inflammation, eliminates risk from surgery and prescription painkillers, has no negative side effects, and restores the lives of those who use it.

Our infrared sauna heat works by penetrating joints, muscles and tissues, increasing circulation and speeding oxygen flow. Doctors have recommended infrared saunas because of proven relief from sports injury, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis and other chronic pain conditions.

We believe that our members really do experience all that we stand for “Serenity without side effects”. They engage in their practice on a regular basis. Some monthly, some weekly, some more often. They experience the benefits of being more productive and relaxed as well as substantial cost savings.

Our members benefit from:

  • Patented technology

  • High efficacy rate

  • No downtime

  • No interventions

  • And more!

Experience for yourself what local medical professionals, attorneys and our other members have come to know and love about how Be Still Wellness Studio helps them go from surviving to thriving. Did you know that floating can impact your brain for the better?  For more information check out this TED Talk on floating by Dr. Feinstein.

Be still and be well.