Best Jacksonville float center | deep relaxation.This content was written for be still floatThe beauty of sensory deprivation tanks is how deep you can be put into a relaxing state. We went deep relaxation for your body mind and spirit. Being completely free and relaxed is like none other feeling in the world. We want you to feel as if you were on a cloud or better yet feel nothing at all. The nothing is feeling of sensory deprivation tanks can completely make you feel as if you are not in your body which is a lot like what most say being completely free would feel like. Many first-time guests often report a new sense of combing and freeness from finishing their session with us at the best Jacksonville float center.That’s what we want for you we encourage guests return for a second session 1 or two weeks after their first in order for them to get a new revamped feeling of freeness and relaxation. We want you to have an amazing floating experience in our sensory deprivation tanks and we also want you to try out our other services such as our sound chair which puts you in a amazing sense of calmness through sound, music, and frequency vibrations.We also offer a series of different oxygen bar flavors. You offer these because they make our customers feel as if they are not polluted by their cities air pollution. We want to give the customer a pure oxygen for their bodies to reclaim their bodies pure appearance. By detoxifying the oxygen we are able to give our clients a new feeling of amazing pure air which they haven’t felt years due to our cities air pollution. We want you to feel completely pure from our oxygen bar as well. You can even pick different oxygen flavors which can help enhance the experience and make you feel even better afterwards. Pluralistic and recreational oxygen bar can really help your body fight portable toxins that float in the air at any given time. A lot more oxygen with pure minerals can give you better health benefits can just regular air.Usually our oxygen bar sessions last 15 to 30 minutes with pure oxygen which leads to better sleep boosted energy and improved concentration with less stress throughout the day. Similarly to a float deprivation tanks do we can also set you up with an appointment that gives you complete numbness to your stress or anger in your day-to-day lives. Whenever you into this three deprivations you don’t feel stress you feel nothingness. That’s what we want. To be completely free is to feel nothingness. And it is beautiful. Come in and try it today. We also would like for you to try our sound chair or all three, as a combination to create the best stress free environment for you after your years of noise, site, smell, and touch pollution.If you want to try any of these three, do not hesitate to get in contact with us at the best Jacksonville float center at the still float, you can go on our website at or call us at a time to book an appointment for your full therapy session at 9044792200.Best Jacksonville float center | Opening for you!This content was written for be still floatOur new best Jacksonville flows through this opening soon in winter of 2018. We want you to allow your mind to be still for a 15 minute chair massage and sound chair experience. This is where we have modified music and frequency vibration in order to create an amazing feeling and relaxation and a purity through your mind. This ultimate stillness can be continued by going and continuing through our next session which is our float therapy deprivation tanks which will help you with your ultimate goal of a stress-free environment. These 30 to 60 minute sessions of pure nothingness in a sensory deprivation tank will help your mind starts to reclaim what once was before all the stress invaded life.If you feel like you need these two sessions we are giving you a special discount for our opening winter special which is valued at hundred and nine dollars but we want to offer you $44. That is how much we believe that the sensory deprivation tanks and the sound chairs can help your mind to recover from all the stress you life has thrown at you. Our opening specials include float therapy deprivation tanks which can include a deep relaxation session which allows you to restart your brain through meditation. We also offer many other holistic and recreational ways of making your brain feel better. Not that recreational. We mean we want you to try our oxygen bar.Our oxygen bar can include pure oxygen that helps your body fight toxins that run free throughout the environment which can be harmful to your body. These 15 minute 30 minute sessions with pure oxygen least boosted energy and can help you in the long run with better sleep and also a new better way to concentrate and helps here with less stress. This oxygen has pure and amazing flavors that will help you depending on which one you pick we have the deepest energy, the better sleep, the improved concentration, and even less stress types which we want you all to try individually. So please come on down the trailer accident.Go to depth and explain the sound chair. Sound healing is a treatment modality aware music and low-frequency sound vibrations can help put your body back on its natural rhythm. It combines physical and psychological sounds which can help make your body completely new in this relaxing session. Now if you want to do all three of these sessions to hesitate to ask because we can do all of them combined into one large session. The love for you to come on down to the best Jacksonville Float center Today.We want you to escalate and accelerate your mental state past on upward scale because we want you here at the best Jacksonville float center. If you want your mind and body to be on upward scale then do not hesitate we will take walk-ins and appointments so please call our number 9044792200 and please check out our website today if you have questions. Our website is so please come on in winter 2018!