Best Jacksonville float center | Let Them Help You!This content was written for Be Still Float StudioIf you’ve been needing to relax and get those pains out of your mind and body then look no further! You are going to want to go ahead and check out a Best Jacksonville float center by the name of Be Still Float Studio. They offer a few different services that are sure to rejuvenate you and get you back on your feet feeling better than you ever have before. You will feel like a brand-new human! What they do is they completely shut down all of your senses in a way that brings you full stillness and complete relaxation. They have a team of the steam specialist that go above and beyond every single time.With these wonderful people you will find that they have top-notch services that are sure to please you. Let’s start with their phototherapy! If you’ve been looking for a Best Jacksonville float center then this is the one you want to try. What it does is it will empower you to remove all of your external inputs that take a major toll on your central nervous system without you even realizing it. Now this will include the gravity, light, sound, and even touch. All of your senses will be blocked out and you will be brought to complete and quiet stillness. It doesn’t sound like much but I promise you your body needs it more than you realize.That doesn’t sound like quite the ticket to your way to recovery that I advise you to check out that sound chair they offer. Your mind, body, and senses are all gifted with stillness whenever you try out the sound chair. This is something gone people pumped whenever they’re looking for a Best Jacksonville float center. It treats the modality where music and low-frequency sound vibrations are able to combine in a way that achieves the best physical and psychological results. This actually gives you different results each time and is offered in 30 to 60 minutes sessions.Now if neither of those things sound like they would be for you, or you’ve tried both then you would like to do something else; then ask about BTL Emsella! This is something else completely new to me but after a little research I found has extreme value to it. I wish I’d heard about it sooner and my suffering would of been dialed back a long time ago. This is for those who suffer from vaginal laxity or experience any kind of bladder leakage whenever they’re trying to go to the gym, are laughing, or even when you’re sneezing and coughing. Sure you can understand how frustrating and inconvenient that can be. This is something that sets them aside and makes them special when you’re looking for a Best Jacksonville float center.Please go ahead and find them online today so you can look through the website and see which services best suit you. All services are offered in either sessions or packages so there is something that is sure to meet your needs. Visit them by going to: or dial 904-619-9615!Best Jacksonville float center | They Can HelpThis content was written for Be Still Float StudioPlease go ahead and treat yourself to some good old relaxation. I know it’s been a while since you’ve gone out done anything for yourself because that’s unfortunately what most of us wind up doing. We neglect her own well-being so that we can take care of the everyday hustle and bustle that life there is our way. I get super chaotic and we start to feel overwhelmed and stacked beneath it all. Make today the day that you check out the Best Jacksonville float center that is around. Which would hands down be Be Still Float Studio! Check out the reviews and see for yourself!With these amazing people you are sure to receive only the best service possible! They offer a few different things but let me start you off with the sound chair! This has a treatment where they take the music and low-frequency sound vibrations and combine them in a way that is going to gain you the best physical and psychological results. It helps tremendously with your calmness, emotional states, helps you sleep much better, and even increases your creativity so you can start getting back into art like you used to. It only takes 30 to 60 minutes sessions which will actually get you different results each time! It will be like a pleasant surprise.Now let us not forget about the BTL Emsella. I had never actually heard about this one in particular, myself. Now that I’ve learned all that I can about it I cannot wait to get my first session started! I personally joke about how I have a baby bladder. I make light of it although I truly find this is something I suffer with. I go to the bathroom at least 30 times in a day which seems highly unhealthy and is definitely inconvenient. Sometimes embarrassing. If you suffer from vaginal laxity or experience any type of bladder leakage, then I highly advise you to check out BTL Emsella today and see how it can help strengthen your pelvic for area. This is one of the reasons why they’ve been ranked the Best Jacksonville float center.Now we have what they are most popular for which is the float therapy! This is what most people are searching for when they’re trying to find the Best Jacksonville float center. With your first float session, you will actually receive a free 15 minute chair massage! Just an added bonus there. And while you’re in float therapy you will be in a quiet and dark area where you are suspended by warm, buoyant solution of Epsom salts. This is something that is sure to restore not just your mental but also your physical state. The benefits are just about endless when it comes to the well-being.Please do not forget do some digging for yourself or to ask somebody about the details of all of the services that they offer. They are not afraid to answer any of your questions! You can find their website by going to: or you can call by dialing: 904-619-9615!