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So go ahead and call us up at bestillfloat.com.Float center Jacksonville | cordially inviting youThere is power in just sitting still and relaxing in taking a deep breath and relaxing and letting the cares the world flow away from you. We want you to see that at your float center Jacksonville, you are going to have the opportunity to do just that and surrender to the silence and surrenders the stillness that is welcoming you in. Once you get the hang of this and what you see what we are able to do is can be very clear what is going to be available to you and what you can begin using to make a difference.Having the opportunity to sit down and relax and just let the cares of the world drift away is going be something that is healthy. It. When you have those regular currents your life that you can just let things slip away from you is going to be able to give you the opportunity to let things go easier and quicker. 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