Float Center Jacksonville| empowering the new youThis content was written for be still floatWe believe at Our Float center Jacksonville that empowerment is integral in the way that you meditate. What does that mean? Well we want you to be comfortable and completely in control of how your relaxation sessions are done from beginning to end. We would like to welcome you our new guest discovered our restorative benefits of the new premier float deprivation tank systems by float away manufacturer based in the UK. We would like for you to come and visit in winter of 2018 and see our new float rooms, oxygen bar, massage chairs, and sound chair.Whatever you arrive at our new location we would like for you to automatically be at ease and feel completely calm whenever you arrive. We want to make sure that your sessions are completely and utterly free from any kind of stress you may have throughout the week. That is why we stress that you come every week to our float center Jacksonville and use our sensory deprivation tanks made by the float away manufacturer. These sensory deprivation tanks which are open and not pods are extremely widely loved and accepted by many doctors in the neurological field especially Dr. Justin Feinstein. The attendant whenever you arrive closer you to your therapy room and there will provide an overview of what to expect during your new session. As a new member we want you to be able to have any questions be answered by our team during and after your session.All of our tanks are large enough to accommodate two people and they are filled with a Epson salts healing solution which is pharmaceutical grade and FDA approved. The high salinity and specific gravity allows the body to flow with ease. The solution is heated had room temperature or to your specified temperature. As you settle into your sensory deprivation tank we would like for you and your stress this dissolve into the solution leaving you with a new profound free and amazing feeling of absence of stress. This new feeling should feel like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. You should feel an absence of pressure, stimuli, and physical distraction. At the Float center Jacksonville would like for you to come for a second session the week after your first just so you can have that weekly stress relief.This new meditating session that you schedule in every week will help change your life into a whole new amazing life that you never thought you would have before. We would love for you to come in on our new winter special starting this winter 2018 valuing a massage chair and a sensory deprivation tank session by our premier open tank luxury designers float away. Look forward to helping you reclaim your sense of calm and want you to feel a new way of stress free.If you wish to set up your appointment please contact us at our phone number at 9044792200 or go to our website atbestillfloat.com if you have any other questions. We also like for you to watch our full CBS interview on our service and pricing page on our website as well to get the full extent of our services.Float Center Jacksonville| don’t hesitate, meditate!This content was written for be still floatMany of our new customers have lots of questions about floating. That is no problem because it is a new technology that can be confusing at times. That is what we are here for, to answer your questions and here are a few of the most common questions we usually get. We happy to enjoy any of your questions and if you want to get in contact with us we had our information below. We can also schedule a tour of our studio with you also if you call ahead of time. Pat Float center Jacksonville we believe that you are customer needs to know all of the information so we can provide the best quality service.What kind of people float? Any kind of person can float it old, young, or even a teen can float ! A wide variety of people use our sensory deprivation tanks which are designed by luxury manufacturer from the UK float away that we believe only has the best quality since deprivation tanks. Anyone with high stress and has a large demanding lifestyle can benefit from using our sensory deprivation tanks. Many caregivers like nurses, or daycare assistance, or even teachers, can use our floating systems to replenish their mental and physical states. Even high performance athletes use sensory deprivation tanks to help them with their stress and thinking skills.Many artists also use sensory deprivation tanks to help them sift through their minds eye and find the creativity that they need in order to do their work. There many different kinds of people that use our sensory deprivation tanks we believe it is beneficial to anybody who uses them correctly. Meditation can help anybody if they only allow their bodies to do so. Students use our sensory deprivation tanks often as well because it helps them with their stress from college and the negative effects that the stressful homework, or social anxiety can have on their lives Float Center Jacksonville.Even many celebrities use sensory deprivation tanks like names you might know Tom Brady the football player, who has a float sensory deprivation tank in his home. Also Steph Curry uses float sensory deprivation tanks to relax the mind to take care of their bodies. There is also actors who use sensory deprivation tanks that Jeff Bridges and Jeff Rogan who was a comedian uses sensory deprivation tanks is a large vocal supporter of flotation therapy. Uses flotation therapy and even has one in his home as well. So there are a wide variety of people use sensory deprivation tanks every day. So do not worry we can help you so come on down to Float center Jacksonville.If you have any questions please feel free to visit our FAQs page on our website which is bestillfloat.com and if you want to use our sensory deprivation tanks in winter 2018.hesitate to call ahead of time and set up an appointment and get that great deal. Our phone number is 904-479-2200. So don’t hesitate, meditate!