Having lived in Israel, I was able to experience floating in the Dead sea.  It was a rejuvenating and refreshing experience, quite relaxing.  When I began looking into a way to treat anxiety without medication, this experience came back to me.  I began doing research into it as well as attempting the process myself.  The results were truly amazing.  This is how the process works.

I wanted something soothing and inviting for our float therapy tanks.  For that reason I do not use float pods, no need to worry about being closed in.  The tanks are open and inviting, having been custom made by Floataway in the U.K.  They are industry leaders and craft beautiful tanks. Our studio has the distinction of being a Floataway center of excellence.  Upon seeing the set up of our studio, Floatway decided to honor us. 

Since the tanks are open, we control the sensory input by ensuring the room is clean, light proof and sound proof. Everything provided in the room is designed to help you relax and say goodbye to your stressors. You control your experience by adjusting the lights and music in the tank itself to meet your needs.  The float tank is filled with reverse osmosis water for cleanliness and purity as well as 1,300 pounds of pharmaceutical grade Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate).

The high salinity (high salt content) will allow your body to float naturally, requiring no effort from you.  As you settle in the water, you will experience a soothing absence.  The absence of pressure in your body, the absence of outside stimuli and other physical distractions.  Your central nervous system becomes relieved of its need to process and handle light, sound, touch, and weight of gravity.  This results in the body producing less harmful hormones and producing more beneficial hormones, all of which alleviates stress from your body and by extension, your mind.

The physical and mental benefits from this soothing state have been reported in clinical trials and research studies.  The Circadian rhythms and cortisol levels of the body become recalibrated.  The weightlessness in the tank reduces stress and pressure from gravity as well as reducing your blood pressure and heart rate, while increasing endorphins. Your brain wave frequencies will shift leading into a deep relaxation and meditative state.  Mental clarity and heightened sensations will be enjoyed immediately after the floating session.

Anyone looking to alleviate stress, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, stimulate muscle recovery and an all around better quality of life will benefit from a float experience. You can learn about such experiences by checking out featured stories in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, the New York Times and more, don’t just take our word. 

Be still and be well.