Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy at Be Still Float Therapy in Jacksonville, Florida

Infrared sauna treatments are used by doctors, physical therapists, clinics, and hospitals around the world for a variety of health-related issues. Research has suggested the health benefits of infrared sauna to include lowering of blood pressure, pain reduction, improved respiratory function, and weight loss, to name a few. While there has only been a handful of studies on these health benefits until recently, new research has shed more light on the potential for infrared sauna therapy to treat a myriad of health issues.

Regular saunas use heat to increase the temperature of the surrounding air to intentionally raise your body’s core temperature to mimic the effects of exercise. However, a full-spectrum infrared sauna uses far, middle, and near-infrared wavelengths that are all part of the broad infrared wavelength spectrum. These three infrared wavelengths, a harmless form of electromagnetic energy, work together to safely penetrate your body’s soft tissue up to 1 1/2 inches deep. This safely raises your body’s internal temperature directly, two to three degrees, while the air temperature around you remains unchanged. This produces an environment that is much easier for most people to tolerate than heating the air and allows for undertaking longer sessions.

The change in body temperature results in increased vasodilation, meaning the expansion of blood vessels, and this helps improve circulation and mimics a fever, similar to what happens when you have an infection. This, in turn, provokes your body to mount an immune response, including an increase in the production of white blood cells that fight off any current as well as potential infections. Following is a list of the ten most significant health benefits full-spectrum infrared sauna therapy provides:

1) Weight Loss

One study performed in the UK demonstrated people who regularly used infrared sauna saw an increase in the loss of adipose tissue. While the mechanism is unclear, it is believed the fat loss may result from the increase in body temperate similar to what happens during exercise.

2) Hypertension and ‌Cardiovascular Health

Several studies suggest people who regularly use infrared sauna see a reduction in blood pressure, whereas other studies have pointed to improvements in symptoms of congestive heart disease. A study at the University of British Columbia found infrared sauna treatment can help maintain blood pressure within healthy levels, lower bad cholesterol, and improve the condition of patients suffering from chronic congestive heart disease. Another study published in the Journal of the Japanese Circulation Society showed a reduction in heart arrhythmia and chronic heart failure for patients suffering cardiovascular disease.

3) Respiratory Health

Studies have shown people who used full-spectrum infrared sauna treatments had a lower risk of pneumonia and COPD and asthmatic patients saw an improvement in their breathing symptoms.

4) Pain Management

One major benefit of infrared sauna therapy is pain reduction. People suffering from conditions like osteoarthritis, headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibrillation reported fewer symptoms with regular treatment.

5) Reduces Stress and Fatigue

A ten-person longitudinal study in Australia found infrared sauna to be one of the most effective ways to relieve stress and fatigue. Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome who used infrared sauna as part of an overall treatment plan saw increased energy and felt more relaxed and revitalized.

6) Detoxification

Sweating is the body’s natural way of ridding itself of stored toxins. As treatment helps increase circulation and stimulate perspiration, full-spectrum infrared sauna therapy stimulates the release of these toxins. These can include tar and nicotine from smoking, sulfuric acid, byproducts from the metabolism of alcohol, and inorganic compounds like heavy metals, including lead and mercury.

7) Enhanced Immune System

A fever signals the body to accelerate and strengthen the immune response as what happens when the body is fighting an infection. The penetrating infrared wavelengths increase the body’s core temperature to simulate a low-grade fever and provoke an immune system response. Infrared saunas have been demonstrated to improve autonomic nervous system function, allowing the body to rest and heal itself.

8) Skin Conditions

The sweating caused by infrared sauna treatment flushes embedded impurities and dead skin cells while the increased circulation draws the skin’s natural nutrients to the surface. Studies have also shown infrared sauna treatment improves skin tone, elasticity, color, and texture and causes a reduction in acne, eczema, and psoriasis symptoms, as well as aiding wound healing.

9) Improved Diabetic Symptoms

Many of the symptoms infrared sauna has been shown to help are seen in diabetic patients. As such, infrared sauna therapy can aid people dealing with diabetes by lessening their symptoms and side effects, including pain and swelling.

10) Improved Sleep

Because it helps reduce stress and anxiety, infrared sauna therapy helps to promote better sleep and has been shown in limited studies to help with insomnia.

Potential Risks

With the exception of heat having the potential to lower sperm count, there are no known risks associated with infrared sauna therapy past those of undertaking any sauna treatment. Possible concerns include dehydration, overheating, and interference with the metabolism of some medications. There are also potential dangers to a fetus, so pregnant women should avoid sauna treatments unless authorized by their doctor.

Infrared Sauna Programs at Be Still Float 

At Be Still Float we pre-program our sauna so you can choose a session to suit your needs. Because everything is pre-programmed, you never have to worry about adjusting the temperature. Simply select your session and relax while the sauna does all the work. Here are the current programs we offer, along with the duration and benefits:

Infrared Sauna Use Guidelines

• Be sure you are well hydrated before your treatment by drinking eight ounces of water approximately 20 minutes before your session. You should also bring water to drink into your session.

• Temperature for an infrared sauna ranges from 100 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Our programs cycle through the correct temperatures and provide ratios of far, mid, and near-infrared wavelengths that reach optimal temperatures for session goals.

• Before your first infrared sauna session you should discuss the different programs and benefits with the spa specialist to determine which option will best suit your unique needs.

• You can wear a swimsuit or just your birthday suit during the session, whichever is more comfortable.

• Avoid alcohol, recreational drugs, and tobacco products before your session. You should not engage in a sauna treatment if you take prescription medication unless cleared by your healthcare provider.

You should take some time to cool down after your session so your body temperature can return to normal. It is essential to not try to get up too quickly, or you may risk fainting. Once your session is complete, we provide a refreshing Herban Essential Towelette to help you freshen up.

Be Still Float wellness studio, located at 1050 Riverside Ave. if you live in the northeast Florida area offers infrared sauna in Jacksonville as well as a host of other noninvasive wellness treatments. These include float therapy, emsella pelvic treatment, pain therapy, sound healing, and massage therapy, all of which are designed to help your body work better naturally. Visit them online at or give them a call at 904-593-2367 to set up your appointment today.