I am sure most all of you have heard of a traditional sauna and are aware of its uses.  When pressed for time a traditional sauna is not very practical.  The perfect alternative is here, the Infrared Sauna, or IR Sauna.  It is the perfect compliment to any of the services we offer, as well as being a time friendly alternative to the traditional sauna experience.  So what exactly does an IR Sauna entail?

While a traditional sauna heats the air around you and causes steam to fill the room, the infrared sauna heats your body and raises the internal temperature.  The Sunlighten infrared Sauna at our studio provides a more comfortable experience.  Our Sunlighten Sauna is able to achieve greater success than its traditional counterparts as it offers a full spectrum service.  This enables us to utilize specific wavelengths for individual health needs while allowing for optimum benefits. 

Our IR Sauna goes beyond the heat aspect of the sauna to incorporate Sound and Chromotherapy (Use of Color) technologies to provide a truly relaxing and holistic healing experience.  The sauna is equipped with SO Sound® to combine the healing effects of sound as well as vibration to synchronize all the systems of the body.   Imagine a light-touch massage that brings you to a deep state of relaxation utilizing amplified audio signals.  The signals resonate sound waves, stimulating the body’s natural relaxation response.

You also are able to choose from 12 Chromotherapy color options to use during your session.  The therapy is designed to bring you into complete health and harmony.  Each color has a frequency of specific vibration, each one related to different physical symptoms.  The Chromotherapy works on various energy points to help your body reestablish its natural balance and harmony.  Color-therapy glasses may be worn during the session to further enhance the process.

The IR sauna using this 3 in 1 therapy method offers a truly remarkable experience you won’t find at home or at your gym.  The best part, it is non-invasive and quick.  A twenty eight minute session is all it takes for true wellness to begin.

Seeing is believing, so check out this video here and see for yourself.

Be still and be well.