Stress Relief for the New Year in Jacksonville, Florida at Be Still Float

When left untreated, stress is one of the biggest causes of illness and can result in a host of both physical and mental health issues. These conditions include anxiety, depression, headaches, skin rashes, heart attack, stroke, and even cancer. This is due to the buildup of cortisol, a stress hormone, that can cause the body to be at a continual state of alert, resulting in psychological disorders and suppression of the immune system. However, there are a number of ways to relieve stress that include exercise and wellness treatments such as massage therapy and sensory deprivation tank therapy.

Float Therapy

Data from over a dozen published peer-reviewed studies suggest float therapy is an effective relaxation technique that has been shown to reduce both cortisol and blood pressure levels. A study published in the International Journal of Stress Management found float therapy, also known as sensory deprivation tank therapy, to have a positive impact on decreasing both anxiety and depression.

Sensory deprivation tank therapy consists of placing the body in a pool or tank filled with a high-salinity solution of water and magnesium sulfate, commonly referred to as Epson salts. The concentration is strong enough to allow your body to float naturally and effortlessly on the surface with no exertion on your part. You will float peacefully while listing to music or just the sound of your own breath in the absence of pressure and physical distraction.

The tank or pool is in a private room absent of all light and sound, so there are no external stimuli to distract you from total relaxation. This allows your central nervous system to relieve itself of the need to process light, sound, touch, and gravity. As a result, the body’s production of harmful stress hormones is decreased while beneficial hormone production, like serotonin, is increased.


The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for supporting the pelvic organs, including your bowels and bladder. These muscles can become weakened from injury, illness, or just due to the natural aging process. Emsella pelvic muscle therapy is a unique technology that is effective for both women and men who suffer from bladder control issues. Emsella helps revive the stress of having to constantly worry if you will make it to the bathroom before losing control. Emsella therapy employs electromagnetic energy that provides the equivalent of 11,000 kegel contractions in just one 30-minute session. Five separate clinical studies have shown Emsella to have a 95 percent success rate at improving patients’ quality of life suffering from incontinence issues.

Pain Therapy

Long-term or chronic pain can affect every phase of a persons life. Statistics show that 20 percent of adults in the U.S. suffer from chronic pain, with approximately eight percent having pain that limited activity. Chronic pain can occur anywhere in the body and range from a mild irritation to a debilitating condition. It can affect your daily routine, quality of life and can place you at risk for issues of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and addiction to pain medications. Additionally, untreated long-term pain can suppress the immune system enough to allow other health issues, such as headaches, anxiety, depression, heart attack, and even cancer, to gain a foothold.

Pain issues can have both a physiological and psychological component, one being either the cause or result of the other. While many people turn to prescription medications, there are a wide variety of non-invasive treatments that can help relieve pain without drugs. Treatments like massage therapy can help relieve or reduce muscular pain, and stress reduction techniques like float therapy and sound healing can help relieve emotionally induced pain.

Infrared Sauna

When you become ill, your body develops a fever to kill off the invading bacteria or virus causing the infection and stimulate your immune system. A fever is defined as a body temperature exceeding 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Like bacteria and viruses, most pathogens cannot replicate very well when your body temperature is elevated.

Full-spectrum infrared sauna therapy uses a harmless form of electromagnetic energy to penetrate deep into the body’s tissue to simulate a fever and provoke the same type of immune response. However, infrared sauna treatment does not raise the body’s temperature high enough to be considered a fever and produces none of the negative side effects associated with an actual fever. The rise in body temperature helps decrease symptom severity, possibly shorten the duration of the illness and stimulate white blood cell production. Clinical studies have also shown infrared therapy helps in stimulating the immune system’s production of killer-T cells that fight infections.

Sound Healing

Medical research has shown that listening to relaxing sounds positively affects stress reduction and is a clinically proven tool for helping with relaxation, sleep, pain relief, symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and emotional issues, including PTSD. Sound healing, sometimes referred to as sound meditation or sound therapy, sends low frequency sounds through every cell in the nerves, muscles, tendons, organs, spinal cord, and brain to produce a whole-body response. This creates a consistent vibration that works to overcome the chaotic frequencies the body is constantly bombarded with throughout the day, such as phones, electricity, traffic, and ambient noise. This sets your body back to its natural state by clearing blockages and stimulating neural pathways.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy uses deep or light pressure to manipulate your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, producing many stress-relieving benefits. Light massage uses long strokes with deep, circular movements that are designed to make you feel relaxed and energized. Deep massage uses slower and more-forceful movements to reach the muscle and connective tissue and is typically used on muscle injuries. Studies have found that in addition to helping relieve stress, massage therapy can significantly help with:

 • Anxiety

 • Digestive disorders

 • Fibromyalgia

 • Headaches

 • Hypertension

 • Circulation and immune function

 • Energy and alertness

 • Muscle soreness and tension

 • Stress

 • Insomnia related to stress

 • Soft tissue strains or injuries

 • Temporomandibular joint pain

 • Upper and lower back and neck pain

Be Still Float’s Stress Release Package

Because stress is related to so many health issues, having an effective way to deal with stress is crucial for maintaining good health. Be Still Float Studio offers float therapy, Emsella, pain therapy, infrared sauna treatment, sound healing, and massage therapy as individual sessions

or in a package. To kick off 2022 on the right with the right habits to manage your stress, Be Still Float Studio is offering a six week Stress Release Program having a $2,068 value is currently being offered for only $724 and includes:

 • A six-week Stress Management Habits Master Class.

• Accountability partnering with members of the studio.

 • Six sensory deprivation tank therapy sessions.

 • Unlimited infrared-sauna sessions.

 • Unlimited Brio-chair sessions.

 • Unlimited sound-healing sessions.

 • Private FB Support Group

• Swag bag of goodies.

Note that all package sessions must be used within a six-week time period.

Be Still Float Studio is located at 1050 Riverside Avenue in Jacksonville, Florida 32204. You can reach them at 904-619-9615 or visit them online at to learn more or schedule a session. Those outside of the Jacksonville, Florida area can find wellness therapies by performing an online search for “stress therapy near me”. What better way to ring in the new year than with a commitment to be healthier? Ready to get started right away? Sign up for a free consultation to see if the Stress Release Program is a good fit for you.