Stress is a primary contributor to a weakened immune system.  The excessive release of stress chemicals such as adrenaline and norepinephrine will increase your susceptibility to viruses and infection.  That is not the worst part; not only are you more susceptible, the impact of the infection will increase as well.  The good news, there are ways to combat stress that don’t involve medication.  The best way to do so is to manage the sources of stress: environmental factors, food / nutrition factors, and stressful activity.  How does one do so?

Since I am not a nutritionist, I will stay away from the nutrition factors and tell you how Be Still is equipped to help.  There are many ways we can help, so I will focus on three:

  1. Float Tanks – The high salinity (high salt content) of the tank will allow your body to float naturally, requiring no effort from you.  As you settle in the water, you will experience a soothing absence.  The absence of pressure in your body, the absence of outside stimuli and other physical distractions.  Your central nervous system becomes relieved of its need to process and handle light, sound, touch, and weight of gravity.  This results in the body producing less harmful hormones and producing more beneficial hormones, all of which alleviates stress from your body and by extension, your mind. The Circadian rhythms and cortisol levels of the body become recalibrated.  The weightlessness in the tank reduces your blood pressure and heart rate, while increasing endorphins. Your brain wave frequencies will shift leading into a deep relaxation and meditative state.

  2. Sound Healing – The sound table at our studio is proven to aid in relaxation, help with: sleep, pain relief, emotional issues, PTSD and even Parkinson’s.  The table is equipped with low frequency speakers mounted underneath the mat you lay on.  The table acts like a speaker and sends low frequency vibrations throughout every cell of your body.  Sound tables are used in what are called vibroacoustic therapies or therapies using a combination of music and low frequency vibration to achieve both physical and mental results.

  3. Partner Float – Many individuals suffering from anxiety disorders may find being in sensory deprivation by themselves overwhelming.  If your anxiety levels are so high that you cannot be alone, a partner float is a great way to start the practice and receive the benefits listed in number one, Float Tanks.

Alleviating stress is critical for the betterment of your health, mental as well as physical.  Be Still is uniquely equipped to help rid you of stress while benefiting your mind and body in other aspects as well.  So don’t just say good riddance to stress, say good riddance and be healthy while doing so.

Be still and be well.