Some time back, while attending my second Float conference, I noticed a long line for a vendor booth.  I saw the line was for a massage chair and I was not interested.  I was never in love with the idea of using a mechanical massage chair, even going so far as to turn them off when getting a pedicure.  While I began to turn away from the line, my friend stopped me and convinced me to give it a try.  I am very glad they did as I fell in love.  I could not believe the experience.  

The Brio was not rough at all.  It scans the body before the massage begins then places you into a position called zero gravity.  This is where all weight is taken off the lower back.  In place of Human hands the Brio uses airbags to move and position your body.  The chair actually adjusts your hips to make sure they are in alignment.  For people like me who have longer legs, if you push downward with your legs the chair actually stretches out to accommodate your height.  To top it all off, you get a truly relaxing head to toe massage that will leave you feeling great. 

After my initial successful encounter, I had another great experience to seal the deal.  While visiting the Zero Gravity Institute in Austin, TX I discovered they begin their float sessions with a chair massage. To experience the relaxing of my muscles the way the Brio is able to do before floating made the experience truly memorable.  When I was finished with my session I knew this chair had to become part of our studio here in Jacksonville.

Upon returning it was collectively decided we would provide a chair massages at our studio.  We offer two styles of chairs, the SOL chair and the Brio chair.  In my opinion, the SOL chair gives the best back massages.  The Brio chair is the best overall neuromuscular massage.  It is so good in fact we have surgeons use the chairs specifically to massage their arms and hands to relax them and improve coordination.  Several massage therapists use the chair, especially as it provides a well balanced massage they cannot get from other LMTs.

People have named our chairs and many have wanted to take one home with them.

Be still and be well.