In a previous blog we discussed what floating is as a source of wellness.  To quickly recap, it is a sensory deprivation tank to assist in relaxation to improve wellness.  The discussion we had previously was only in regard to one person floating by themself in the tank.  Today we will discuss the benefits of floating with a partner.  By partner I do not necessarily mean one’s significant other.

Many individuals suffering from anxiety disorders may find being in sensory deprivation by themselves overwhelming.  If your anxiety levels are so high that you cannot be alone, a partner float is a great way to start the practice.  Be Still is the only Float Studio in North Florida licensed by the state to have two people in a float tank.  All of our tanks are able to hold two people at a time so anyone can benefit from a trusted friend or partner to be with them if they choose.

Ironically, I was initially against the idea of having two people in a tank at once.  It was not until I was at a Float Center in Oklahoma that I was made aware of new possibilities for wellness.  I was introduced to a study from the 1960s in which servicemen with PTSD had their therapy with a partner to help calm their anxiety.  I was amazed at this concept and how it could benefit people during a float session.

Shortly thereafter I was able to experience first hand how powerful this concept of a partner could be to clients.  A woman came into the center who suffered from anxiety to do a float session.  During the session she had a panic attack.  My heart went out to her.  Once she was calm I offered for her to do a float session with a partner.  She tried that and was able to complete the session and combat her anxiety.  In fact, she loved it so much she is now a regular member.

I would encourage anyone who is having anxiety issues to try a partner float.  It will have an affect on your life you have to experience to believe.  Partner floats also are of great benefit to children on the autism scale to have a parent with them.  Set an intention for your float and be well.

Be still and be well.