Christmas Gifts at Be Still Float in Jacksonville, Florida

After all the things he has done for you over the years, like teaching you how to throw a ball, catch a fish, ride a bike and drive a car, your dad is probably one of the most important people on your Christmas list. Of course you want your dad to love his gifts, however, coming up with great gift ideas is not always so easy. Because we know how important he is to you, here is a list of unique Christmas gift ideas for dad:

1) Wellness Gifts

One of the best gifts for Dad is something that he will enjoy and help keep him healthy. Here are a few ideas:

  • Float therapy, also called sensory deprivation tank therapy, is one of the best ways to relieve stress and works by suspending the body in a high salinity solution in a tank where all external stimuli is blocked out.

  • Emsella can help Dad if he is suffering from urinary incontinence. Emsella therapy provides 12 hours of exercise in less than 30 minutes to strengthen the pelvic muscles and help reduce bladder leakage.

  •  Pain therapy consists of several treatment options that are used separately or in conjunction with each other to relive pressure on nerves causing pain. Examples include massage and MLS laser therapy.

  •  Infrared sauna treatment works to boost your immune system by penetrating deep into the cells to raise the body’s internal temperature to stimulate the immune system.

  • Sound Healing exposes the entire body to soothing and relaxing sounds that penetrates every cell of the body to create a relaxation response.

  • Massage therapy is customized to the client’s specific needs with light or deep pressure, or a combination of the two, for deep muscle tension relief.

2) Fire Starter

If your dad is the hard core outdoors type or just has a little pyromaniac in him, he will love having a way to more easily light the barbecue, fireplace or campfire. There are a plethora of fire starter types that burn hot and for up to ten minutes, plenty of time for charcoal or even wet kindling to catch.

3) Drill Brush

From getting the soap scum off the shower to removing corrosion form battery terminals, a brush attachment for Dad’s power drill can help him clean a variety of things around the home and shop. Drill brushes come in an array of materials including natural and synthetic bristles for cleaning a wide variety items and there are kits that contain an assortment of brushes.

4) Hammock

A hammock is a great gift idea for any dad who likes to spend a lazy day in the backyard doing a crossword puzzle, taking a nap, watching a ball game or listing to an audio book on his phone. Hammocks come in a variety of types, materials and sizes that can hold one or two people.

5) Audio Books

Audio books are great for busy people who don’t have a lot of time to read, for those who have long commutes or just when relaxing. Dad can listen when walking the dog, mowing the lawn or working in the shop. More and more publishers are jumping on the audio book bandwagon and putting both new releases and older titles into audio format.

6) Foot Warmer

Most people would agree cold feet are one of the most miserable things in life. An electrically heated pad Dad can place under his desk will keep his feet warm all day at work without having to turn up the heat in the whole office or house. Many of these gadgets have a thermostat so Dad can set the temperature that suits him best.

7) Indoor Putting Green

If your dad loves the links, or just likes to putter around, and indoor putting green will give him the chance to practice whenever he has a few spare minutes. Also referred to putting mats, indoor greens come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can help Dad set up his own indoor golf course.

8) Smartphone Impact Case

These cases are actually a rubber bumper that wraps around the phone to absorb the impact and protect the phone from damage. Even if he drops his phone just one time, a smartphone impact case can save him from having to have his screen replaced or maybe even having to buy a new phone.

9) Coffee Bean Grinder

As any true coffee lover will attest, a great tasting cup of java starts with freshly ground beans. Many of the new grinders have multiple settings so he can grind the beans for a variety of brewing methods and amounts so he can prepare the exact amount of beans he needs for however many types of brew he wants.

10) Vacuum Bottle

Stainless steel vacuum bottles can keep practically any liquid hot or cold for hours. So whether he wants an ice cold drink in the summer or a piping hot one in the winter, he will love a quality vacuum bottle he can take anywhere.

11) Bone Conduction Headphones

These new high-tech headphones are worn in front of the ears so Dad’s hearing won’t be impaired when he is engaged in activities where wearing headphones could be dangerous, like riding a bike in traffic.

12) Wireless Charging Station

A wireless charging station or “deck,” will allow Dad to charge his electronic devices without having to plug each device in separately. The charging station plugs into a wall socket and the devices charge by just being place on the pad where radiative electromagnetic resonance transmits a charge to the devices.

13) Waterproof Survival Backpack

Even if your dad is not a survivalist or prepper, a waterproof survival backpack filled with essentials is a thoughtful gift. Emergency first aid supplies and food rations will keep him prepared for an emergency like a power outage or his car getting stuck in a blizzard. There are many types of survival backpacks available that have a wide array of supplies for a specified number of people so you can pick a pack that will best suit Dad’s needs.

14) Wireless Cooking Thermometer

This is a neat idea for dads that like to cook or grill. A wireless probe is inserted into the food and programmed via a smartphone app that sends an alert when the food reaches the programmed internal temperature.

15) Compact Windproof Umbrella

Nobody likes getting caught in the rain, but umbrellas can often be unwieldly and can act like a big sail in the wind. New windproof compact umbrellas close down to the size of a fist and fit in a backpack, briefcase or jacket pocket. Gusseted sectioned layers allow any wind that gets inside the umbrella to pass through the material so the umbrella doesn’t turn inside out or blow out of your hand.


Now that you have an entire list of great gifts ideas for Dad you have no reasons not to surprise him with something special this Christmas. If your dad lives in the Jacksonville, Florida area, Be Still Float offers a wide array of wellness gifts and rest therapy. Visit them online at, stop by their studio at 1050 Riverside Avenue in Jacksonville or call them at 904-619-9615.