I had never heard of Sound Healing until I visited a Float Center in Midlothian, VA. called Resonance & Float.  I relaxed to a one hour sound healing session while trying to come up with a name for my studio. I delighted as the relaxing sounds took me through a series of ups and downs, culminating in a pure and complete quiet.  I had been struggling to name the studio when, during the quiet moment,  I heard a man’s voice in my mind say, “be still.”  That is where the name of the studio comes from.  Since then, I have discovered how sound healing is ideal for calming our nerves as well as helping with anxiety, stress, PTSD, negative memories, and insomnia.  Dr. David Gibson from the Sound Healing Center in California custom made the sound healing table in our studio.  So what is sound healing?

Sound healing uses various techniques and technologies to harness the energy of sound to reach specific goals and promote wellness in the human body.  It is founded on the belief that all matter vibrates at specific frequencies and sound has a strong impact on matter.  The sound table at our studio is proven to aid in relaxation, help with: sleep, pain relief, emotional issues, PTSD and even Parkinson’s.  The table is equipped with low frequency speakers mounted underneath the mat you lay on.  The table acts like a speaker and sends low frequency vibrations throughout every cell of your body.

Sound tables are used in what are called vibroacoustic therapies or therapies using a combination of music and low frequency vibration to achieve both physical and mental results.  This type of therapy began in the 1980s and has spread across the globe.  Different types of medical facilities utilize this therapy, including hospitals, hospices, spas, centers for massage therapies, sound therapy facilities, as well as, yoga studios, physical therapy offices and psychiatric treatment facilities.

The sound is used to alter the state of brainwaves in order to help people with sleep disorders, or other issues stemming from the mind and body.  This is done using a technique called Bio-Tuning.  This uses root frequencies and binaural beats (two tones heard, one in each ear) recorded and played back through the sound table to get your brain waves into a specific state.  MRI scans have been taken demonstrating the efficacy of the therapy and picturing the effects on your brainwaves. 

Sound tables and the frequencies they give out will make you feel good  by penetrating every cell of your body and causing a deep relaxation response.  You will feel invigorated and mentally sharpened to go about your life with greater wellness.

Be still and be well.